Perhaps, blackjack is the easiest card games you can ever think of. With its simple objectives, which is getting an ace and face card and making it twenty one or getting closer to twenty one. Although this game is simple, winning the game is not easy as you may think. This game requires skills and strategies in order to win and beat the dealer.

The objective of the game is to get close to twenty one without getting over. The cards that are dealt to you will determine what your hand value is. Where cards has its own values, number cards are worth the same as their numerical value, all face cards like jack, queen and king are worth 10 points, while the ace can be worth as 1 or 11 – also known as the special card.

The game starts until the dealer gives each player two cards face up and the dealer will get one card face down and another card face up. The card that is face up will determine the player's next move. If you are dealt a natural blackjack – an ace and a face card (jack, queen or king), and the dealer does not show an ace face up, you will be paid instantly

If you hold cards with less than twenty one, you will have the option to choose if you will get another card or not. This is where the strategy comes in. One of the general rule of thumb and the basic blackjack strategy is that never take another card when the dealer is showing a six face up. This is because most casinos will force the dealer to take another card and the odds of the dealer busting out, or making a hand that is worth more than twenty one.

If the dealer is holding a seven through ten and you have a small hand like a fifteen, you may want to take another card to get your hand as close to twenty one as possible. It is likely that you are beat without taking a card.

Pretty easy, but you still need some good decision making.

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