Exciting new games are introduced every time, new versions are being created and developed always, innovative games are constantly presented through various gaming conventions in which casino executives and staffs gather to see the latest and trendiest casino games they can offer to the classic brick and mortar casinos as well as their recent ventures which is the reliable online casino websites offered in the virtual gaming realm.

For the classic casinos once a game created a bang! The management will add more tables, on the other hand, if a game boomed at online casino sites, developers will create another variation and introduced it again, no need to worry for space for tables since the virtual world offers a flexible and an almost limitless space for storing games.

Poker for instance offers a wide range of variations in classic casinos such as the Texas Hold'em, Caribbean Stud, Omaha High among its other types of variations, while this types are also offered in online casino sites, their variations are also administered in the virtual world such as the Wan Doy Pairs Poker.

Wan Doy Pairs Poker is developed by the Wager Works, one of the leading gaming software developers in the virtual industry, and is played using a seven card poker hand with a completely different hand rankings and ante and bonus bets are imperious.

Playing is easy, the players should established the bonus bets and the ante inside the pot, in addition playing the jackpot bet is another option that a player can grab. After setting up the bonus bet and ante, the dealer will apportion a seven card hand that is systematically organized as the hand rankings will be displayed on the screen. At this point, folding or calling the present hand can be done by a player. Once a player fold, he will capitulate the ante as well as the bonus bets, on the other hand the jackpot bet will remain.

Once they call, a call wager is set into the betting pool as the player’s hand will be examine in contrast to the dealers. The payout as well as the jackpot bet will be given according to the online casino sites payout table. Three of a kind as well as the Four of a kind is the highest hand ranking.

This might sound similar to the seven card stud given that the variation uses and are dealt mentality matches with Seven Card Stud. More over this variation is just introduced recently, and is just slowly gaining its popularity, as an advice, if you haven't tried seven card stud, this variation is a good chance to improve your skills and at the same time learn new games.

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